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Indian Journal of Modern Research and Reviews, 2024;2(1):11-20

How Listening and Advocacy Foster Inclusion

Author : Dr. Gabriel Julien


Adults must listen attentively to the perspectives of children since some children are quite capable of articulating their opinions and thoughts. There is still an evolving body of research regarding how listening and advocacy can enhance inclusion. At the time this paper was done, there was no concrete evidence to affirm that there is a connection among the three disciplines listening, advocacy, and inclusion. There is a lack of research and a gap, and this study seeks to fill it. This author holds the very firm opinion that both listening and advocacy are two significant elements that facilitate inclusion. It seems to be the rule that when policies are implemented those who are affected the most are seldom consulted. In this regard, educators, policymakers, and all those involved with the lives of children must begin to listen to the opinions of children since they are quite capable of representing their issues. In this way, advocacy becomes more meaningful and can incorporate proper inclusive education. This research analyzed and summarized recently published literature on listening, advocacy, and inclusion and thus it is not comprised of new fieldwork. However, research undoubtedly noted that there is a paucity of information that specifically identifies the correlation of the three elements of listening, advocacy, and inclusion


Listening, advocacy, inclusion, diversity, equity, equality


Dr. Om Narayan Mishra (Ph.D., M.Phil.)

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