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Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement


Editors' Responsibilities:

The editors are responsible for determining whether submitted papers are appropriate for the journal, based on criteria including (a) manuscript quality, (b) whether the manuscript belongs within the journal's aims and purposes, and (c) integrity of the work. Editors will assess the intellectual merit of manuscripts without taking into consideration an author's gender identity, gender, nationality, or place of origin. The corresponding author, reviewers or probable reviewers, and other editorial board members will be the only people who have access to information about a manuscript that has been submitted to the editors. All submitted manuscripts that are being considered for publication go through peer review by at least two subject-matter experts, according to the editors.


Reviewers’ Responsibilities:

Peer review is crucial for the effectiveness of editorial judgements and for the enhancement of a manuscript's quality. Reviewers should note any similarities with previously published works and point out any significant published work that has not been referenced. Reviewers should immediately inform the editors and decline the review if they feel unqualified to do so or are aware that doing so promptly won't be possible. Without permission from the Editor-in-Chief, reviewers must regard the submitted manuscripts as secret materials and must not show them to or discuss them with third parties. Any manuscript that has a conflict of interest should be excluded from review, regardless of how it relates towards other authors or is in conflict with them. Reviewers will be promptly disciplined for misbehavior, including confidentiality breaches, delays in peer review, conflicts of interest, and plagiarism.


Authors’ Responsibilities:

Authors are accountable for ensuring that their work is authentic and has never been submitted, accepted, or published in any language before. Additionally, publication elsewhere is not being explored for it. The author must think about how their manuscript is presented, if it complies with publication regulations, and whether to include citations for earlier research that has been done in the field. Any conflicts of interest that could be assumed to have an impact on the findings and interpretation of the manuscript should be acknowledged by the author. Acknowledge each and every source of funding. The reviewers' reports should be sent to the author promptly, usually within three weeks. The study should have co-authors who represent all individuals who had a substantial impact on its conceptualization, strategy, implementation, data analysis, and conclusion. Authors are required to promptly notify the journal's editor if they discover any material flaws in previously published work so that the article can be either rectified or withdrawn.


Publishers’ Responsibilities:

In instances of plagiarism, fraudulent publishing, or scientific misconduct, the publisher will, in cooperation with the editorial board, take the necessary steps to clarify the issue, publish an erratum, or withdraw the work in dispute.


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