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Indian Journal of Modern Research and Reviews, 2024;2(1):29-33

Public Policy Implementation: Mix of All Approaches

Author : Dr. Hari Bhakta Shahi


The top-down approach focuses on direction and linkage from the top level for public policy implementation. The bottom-up approach provides local situation, local environment, ground reality, and feedback to the top level for public policy implementation. However, these two approaches are not adequate for public policy implementation. Later policy action model focuses on policy guidelines, policy contents, organization, and its institutional context are influenced by interaction with the outside world. In a similar vein, policy actor behavior is crucial to the execution of public policy.  The Inter-Organizational Interaction Approach centers on the process of implementing public policy through interactions with many organizations. Synthesis Implementation Approach: The method of implementing policies is identical to that of creating policies. The process of creating policies is continued through policy implementation. That is how success seems to appear. Various approaches are employed to execute policies, including top-down, bottom-up, policy-action, managerial, interorganizational interaction, and synthesis implementation. Therefore, cooperation amongst all parties involved—actors, levels, organizations, groups, stakeholders, concerned organizations, and so forth—is necessary for the successful implementation of public policy.


Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Interorganizational Interaction, Synthesis, Issue, Approach, And Public Policy Implementation


Dr. Om Narayan Mishra (Ph.D., M.Phil.)

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