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Indian Journal of Modern Research and Reviews, 2024;2(1):34-40

Advancements in Drug Delivery: A Novel Perspective on Proniosomal Gel Systems – Preparation Methods, Applications, and Future Prospects

Author : Dr. K. Parameshwar, Dr. Ravula Parameshwar, Megavath Sravani, Miriyala Akhil Sai, Mobashshira Khatoon, Mucha Aditya, Mukesh.K


This paper presents an innovative drug delivery method using proniosomal gel systems, offering a more stable, easily stored, and effective alternative to traditional vesicular systems such as liposomes. It extensively explores proniosomal gels, covering their formulation, applications in various therapeutic areas, and potential. Key formulation components, such as surfactants, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and stabilizers are detailed, along with preparation methods like film hydration and sonication. The paper examines how factors like surfactant type, hydration time, and gelling agent concentration impact proniosomal gel quality and performance, tailoring them for specific therapeutic needs. It emphasizes their advantages in targeted and controlled drug release, surpassing traditional methods in certain cases. The paper concludes with a forward-looking perspective on proniosomal gels in personalized medicine and as a solution to challenges in conventional drug delivery, making significant contributions to pharmaceutical sciences and patient-centered drug delivery approaches.


Proniosomal Gels; Drug Delivery; Vesicular Systems; Formulation Methods; Controlled Release


Dr. Om Narayan Mishra (Ph.D., M.Phil.)

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