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Indian Journal of Modern Research and Reviews, 2024;2(1):01-10

Rice Importation in Nigeria and Sustainable Food Security in Lower Anambra Irrigation Project (LAIP) in Ayamelum LGA, Anambra State

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The inherent need for food and the limited supply of it has necessitated the importation and exportation of food in the global society. Precisely, rice importation has taken center stage in the total food production chain in Nigeria because it has proved to be a relatively staple food in the country. The study sets out to unravel the nexus between rice importation in Nigeria and food security in LAIP in Ayamelum LGA of Anambra state. Therefore, it is guided by the research question: Has rice importation in Nigeria undermined food security in LAIP in Ayamelum LGA of Anambra State? We generated our data from both primary and secondary sources through questionnaire and documentary methods respectively and analyzed it with charts, tables, and content analysis. Theoretically, we adopted dependency theory as the fulcrum around which the study revolved. The theory maintained among others that the premature integration of third-world countries into global capitalism was responsible for its underdevelopment. However, the study found that the importation of rice in Nigeria brings about dependency in the country because it makes the government and the citizens rely heavily on imported rice for their consumption, thereby neglecting the production of rice in LAIP in Ayamelum LGA of Anambra State. As a result, we suggested that the Nigerian government should contain the importation of rice and invest in the revival of the established irrigation project in Ayamelum LGA and subsidize agricultural inputs such as insecticide, herbicide, fertilizer, and pesticide. These will go a long way in boosting rice production and food security in LAIP in Ayamelum LGA of Anaambra State.


Development, Dependency, Food security, Protectionism, Rice importation


Dr. Om Narayan Mishra (Ph.D., M.Phil.)

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